AK500 key programmer


AK400 upgrade-AK500
(remote network upgrades, more powerful, more advanced technology )

AK500 Product Description:

1; support the matching of the infrared Benz "Keylsee go" function;
2; to support key end-of-life Benz BMW + Recovery, the world’s leading technology;
3; the exclusive Mercedes-Benz 722.9 solve computer gear shift control and running the computer authorized to global problems, global unique technology.
4; support the 1995-1998 Mercedes-Benz DAS-free anti-theft down to match the key to unlock infrared key-lock;
5; support for all car-free with Motorola split read and write single-chip EEPROM, free to read and write down FLASH, and in support of Mercedes-Benz and BMW engine computer MPC; FLASH free to read and write down, AK500 will become a vehicle repair computer; programming; auto tune Table and car keys to match the only advanced instrument.

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