Autoboss wheel aligner A860

Detailed Product Description

1. Can measure the toe, camber, caster, SAI, setback, thrust angle, wheelbase
difference, track difference, etc.
2. Complete vehicle specifications including alignment data and procedures for over
20,000 models
3. Database uses Boyce legal software to make data complete, precise and convenient
for update
4. State-of-the-art CCD technology, Eight IR enclosed measurement
5. Cordless data communication with interference-proof data transfer
6. Electronic leveling which can test the sensor head level automatically;
7. Front wheel alignment available. Two sensor heads make alignment possible when
certain sensor head broken
8. Can test parameter with the cars in lifting position;
9. Wheel alignment testing with thrust line as the measuring benchmark
10. Three models of testing (quick alignment, standard alignment and front wheel
alignment) greatly improve your working efficiency.
11. Self-checking of sensor head inaccuracy improves the reliability of testing accuracy.
12. Remote control unit for easy and convenient operation during car testing;
13. Conveniently and easily test vehicle with extraordinary low chassis and large
14. Sensor head is easily installed for convenience and changed individually without
15. User can also add new data to the database;
16. Unit settings: Users can select different unit at any moment, such as percentage
degree, degree/minute, mm, inch, etc.
17. With user-friendly interface, reasonable procedures, easy to operate;
18. Windows XP operating system with graphical user interface
19. Self-help menu for real time assistance
20. Voice hints during testing

Technical Parameters
The level difference of measuring area:
Right and left level difference≤0.5mm (0.02 in)
Front and rear level difference≤1mm (0.04 in)
Diagonal (line)level difference≤1mm (0.04 in)
Ambient temperature: 0~40C
Dimension(cm): L95XW88XH140 (Cabinet)
Gross weight (kg):220

Technical Parameter: Measuring Accuracy Testing Scope Total testing scope
Total toe:  ±4′(±0.06°) ±4° ±20°
Individual toe: ±2′(±0.03°) ±2° ±10°
Camber: ±2′(±0.03°) ±4° ±10°
Castor: ±6′(±0.1°) ±18° ±22°
SAI / KPI: ±6′(±0.1°) ±18° ±22°
Setback: ±2′(±0.03°) ±2° ±10°
Thrust angle: ±2′(±0.03°) ±2° ±10°
Wheelbase difference: ±4′(±0.06°) ±4° ±20°
Track width difference: ±4′(±0.06°) ±4° ±20°
Wheel size working range: 11-21 inch

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