digimaster2 odometer tacho reset tools


1.      for BMW 7 SER E65 CAS via OBD-II
2.      newest types BMW 1/3/5/7SER and E87/E90/E91/E60/E6X/E66 CAS 
         Via Cluster-Plug
3.      for BMW MINI SER(after 2003),Landrover SER cluster adjusting.
4.      for Mercedes Benz S/E/C SER cluster and (EIS) ignition module adjusting
5.      for BENZ W203/W211 cluster via cluster-Plug,no need to programme EIS
6.      . AUDI/VW/BENZ/BMW SER vehicles via OBD-II
7.      Hyundai/Peugeot/Renault/Honda/Picasso (NEC CPU) cluster adjusting
8.      MOTOROLA SER CPU programming.
1.      Digital odometer adjusting
2.      Radio decoding
3.      Airbag reseting
4.      Immobiliser PIN code reading
5.      ECU memory programming
6.      Update through Internet
7.      Support all kinds of latest vehicles.
8.      Can view the pictures on Digimaster srceen dire
1.      Local control:Touch-screen, Keyboard
2.      Remote control: pc web link
3.      LCD: 320*240 TFT real colorized srcreen
4.      Port: USB port, series of adapter port
5.      Power Supply: 12V DC
6.      CF card: 1GB
7.      Multi-Language for choose
Digi master vehiclel list (Odometer available)
Manufacturer Models Version Method Adapter Memory location 
  Alfa   147   (NEC CPU)    Soldering contacts   NEC Cluster
  Alfa   147   C86--2002 V1    Memory Directly   OBP Cluster
  Alfa   147   C86 V2    Memory Directly   OBP Cluster
  Alfa   GT   C86    Memory Directly   OBP Cluster
  Alfa   166   CS56--2002   Memory Directly   OBP Cluster
  Alfa   GTV   (MCU)   Soldering contacts   ICP Cluster
  Alfa   Romeo   156 (MCU)   Soldering contacts   ICP Cluster
  Alfa   Romeo   156 (MCU) 99    Soldering contacts   ICP Cluster
  Alfa   Romeo   156 (MCU) 2002    Soldering contacts   ICP Cluster
  Alfa   Romeo   166 (MCU)   Soldering contacts   ICP Cluster

Digimaster Vehicle (Audio Available)
  BE0728   BE0729   BE0780   BE0830   BE0837   BE0876
  BE0879   BE0881   BE1100   BE1130   BE1131   BE1151
  BE1302   BE1319   BE1328   BE1350   BE1351   BE1430
  BE1431   BE1432   BE1436   BE1460   BE1480   BE1490
  BE1491   BE1492   BE1560   BE1650   BE1690   BE1691
  BE1692   BE2045   BE2140   BE2180   BE2210   BE2330
  BE2340   BE2450   BE3101   BE3200   BE3311   LP1320
  LP1420   LP2610   LP2610Z   LP2611   LP26117   LP2811
  MF2197   MF2297   99      

Digi master vehicle (Airbag available)
Manufacturer                                Models
Audi                                         8A0959655B
Audi                                         4B0959655G
Audi                                         4B0959655J
Audi                                         4B0959655B

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