MC68HC912 programmer


The MC68HC912/9S12 programmer supports Motorola MC68HC912xx, MC9S12xx microcontrollers internal EEPROM and FLASH reading/programming. This MCU most used in automotive computers (dashboards, AIRBAG, immobilizers),  and industrial products. A serial port interface (COM1... COM9) connects the programmer to any desktop or laptop PC running Windows 98/NT/XP.
 The MC68HC912/9S12 programmer Windows based software makes programming simple. Programmer has 2 interfaces: In-circuit and On-Board. In-circuit programming interface designed to allow fast access to MCU EEPROM and FLASH resources. In this mode programmer automatically detects target MCU bus speed. On-Board programming interface is intended for full access to EEPROM/FLASH resources even if target MCU secured or BDM locked. Also EEPROM/FLASH erase/programming protection are take off. The Device Menu displays all available functions to perform on the device (read, program, verify, etc...). The MC68HC912/9S12 programmer can process 2 popular file formats - Motorola S-record and binary. A full screen editor is provided to view or edit any address of the programming buffer in binary or ASCII formats.

Supported device table:

MC68HC912 DC128A (3K91D)
MC68HC912 DC128 (0K50E)
MC68HC912 DG128 (5H55W)
MC68HC912 DG128A (3K91D)
MC68HC912 DG128 (0K50E)
MC68HC912 D60A (2K38K)
MC68HC912 D60 (0K75F)
MC68HC912 D60 (0K13J)
MC68HC912 D60 (4F73K)
MC68HC912 B32 (4J54E)
MC68HC912 B32 (9H91F)
MC9S12 D64 (2L86D)
MC9S12 DG128B (0L85D)
MC9S12 DT128B (0L85D)
MC9S12 A128B (0L85D)
MC9S12 DB128B (0L85D)
MC9S12 DT128B (1L85D)
MC9S12 H128 (1K78X)
MC9S12 DT128B (3L40K)
MC9S12 DG256C (2K79X)
MC9S12 DT256C (2K79X)
MC9S12 DP256C (2K79X)
MC9S12 H256 (1K78X)
MC9S12 DP512 (1L00M)


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